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Foreign Rights

1. Erik Vogler y los crímenes del rey blanco


Author: Beatriz Osés

Illustrator: Iban Barrenetxea

ISBN: 978-84-683-1284-2

Pages: 144

Size: 14 x 21 cm Paperback

PVP: 12,70 €

Collection Erik Vogler

1. Erik Vogler y los crímenes del rey blanco


Easter holidays couldn’t have started worse for Erik Vögler, a control freak. He has to change, at the very last minute, a dreamed and very well planned trip to New York with his beloved father, to a stay at his grandmother’s house in the countryside, in Bremen. Moreover, he and his grandmother have never got along very well. Not even in his worst nightmares could the obsessive and fearful Erik have ever imagined that he would be involved in the serial killings that were stirring up the whole of Germany. Erik was avoiding the country by staying in his room all day, when, a ghost appears at the window; it is one of the murdered girls. With his nerves on edge, he will also have a mysterious neighbour with long teeth and pale skin who begins to follow him everywhere. What is he after? What is the ghost trying to tell him?


Rights sold to France, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Iran, Mexico, Audiobook & Audiovisual

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