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Foreign Rights

4. Un día en las carreras


Author: Antonio G. Iturbe

Illustrator: Alex Omist

ISBN: 978-84-236-9333-7

Pages: 40

Size: 15 x 19 cm Hardcover

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection The Cases of Inspector Cito

4. Un día en las carreras


Inspector Cito and Wee Chou Fear have to fly to London because a race horse has disappeared and it is the Queen's favourite horse! Join the adventure as Inspector Cito and Wee Chou Fear team up with Scotland Yard to solve the case! There are 10 more horses hidden in the book, although they are toy horses! Could our young readers find them too?


Rights sold to Portugal, Brazil, Thailand, Korea, Turkey, China, France, Arabic & Persian language

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