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Foreign Rights

Remedios desesperados para intrusos desobedientes


Author: Julia San Miguel Martos

Illustrator: Purificación Hernández

ISBN: 978-84-683-3419-6

Pages: 72

Size: Paperback

PVP: 8,95 €

Collection Blue Tucan

Remedios desesperados para intrusos desobedientes


Eulalia, the witch, does not want to find ants in her honey pot every single morning. She has already asked them, in a polite way, to leave but ants always come back.  Therefore, Eulalia, who is determinate, will try every single remedy until she finds a suitable one and she will find it. The problem is that later on Eulalia will need the help of the ants, but they are still really mad at her, so they decide to take revenge.


Rights sold to Mexico

Values: Environmental education, Moral and civil education, Tolerance, solidarity