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Huye sin mirar atrás

Young Adult's category: Huye sin mirar atrás, by Luis Leante

Adolescence is a period in life in which solitude, fears and doubts are main issues. How to face them carrying on an unsolved absence? How long does it take to cure past scars and how to do it?

An eclectic story where thriller (a plot in the style of Hitchcock wrong Man), youth transgression and first love mix up maintaining a stunning realism. Ironically, although no one should ever look back when running away, this trip helps us and the main character to know his past and restore back his health.


Henry is not an ordinary boy. His father died in a terrible accident and suddenly disappeared from his life and from his memory too. Since then, he has retaken two grades, left his life’s friend, his mother and even himself. He has been hanging around in his own desperate rage and nothing seems to be changing, if it is not to get worse.

Five years after his father’s death, a mysterious man enters his house and his life. Is Hector who he says he is? Why is he hiding and from whom?

What has he got to do with his father? Hector’s story pulls him out of his stuck existence and throws him into an adventure of car persecutions, witness protection, frantic escapes. While trying to avoid mortal dangers, Henry, step by step, will rediscover his father, himself and finally he will be able to leave selfishness and start loving himself and others again. A new opportunity, indeed.


—Are you ok, boy?
—Perfect —I shouted in rage.
It was not true: I was scared, shaking. Moreover, I was hurt somewhere, because there was blood in my clothes. I heard a sharp thump and the car jolt.
—This was not necessary —I reproved him—. The barrier opens when the camera recognizes our car registration.
—Do you really think I was going to wait for the barrier to open?—and then added—: Hold on tight!
The car increased speed and an adventure, that never in my 15-year- old life would have suspected to live, started.


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Luis Leante

Biographical Profile

He studied classic languages and he was a Latin teacher at a High School for more than 20 years. Nowadays, he works as a freelance undertaking different kind of editorial works and teaching creative writing courses...