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Founded in 1888, Edebé was the fruit of a publishing project that set out to deal with the educational community as a whole.


Edebé publishes for different stages of education, from infant school to baccalaureate level, and vocational training. In addition, it continues to offer support to teachers via a wide range of training tools and courses on the internet, in the framework of agreements with universities.


The expansion and consolidation of the Edebé group is a result of the desire to respond to the changes and needs of the different educational communities on the new Spanish autonomic map. With hallmarks Giltza in the Basque Country, Rodeira in Galicia, Marjal in the Community of Valencia, and Guadiel in Andalusia, Edebé reaches each, in its own language also taking into account their individuality.


Aware of the importance of technological advances, in recent years, Edebé has incorporated its educational contents to new platforms. The digital blackboard and the interactive digital book with hyperlinks and browsing menus for all areas and subjects are tools which the publisher offers to teachers and students, as they are key on improving the task of educating.


In the nineteen nineties, Edebé consolidated its place in the world of publishing with an important literary project including reading for all ages. Some such collections have reached almost a hundred titles and have received countless awards. Among such distinctions, of national importance are the coveted Premios Nacionales de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil – National Children's and Young Adult Literature Prizes, awarded by the Ministry of Education and, on an international scope, the White Ravens, awarded by the International Youth Library in Munich, and the IBBY (International Year's Book).


With the aim of enriching the catalogue of literature, since 1993, Edebé has convened the Edebé Prize for Children's and Young Adult Literature. This award has gained recognition and prestige thanks to the solid base of writers and works presented. The works rewarded are published simultaneously in the four official languages of the Spanish State and, thanks to an agreement with the Spanish National Organisation for the Blind (ONCE), in Braille.


Currently, the Edebé catalogue also includes a collection of books for adults.


Aware of the importance of the visual world, in 2004, Edebé set up a division devoted to the creation, development, production, and distribution of audiovisual works for children and young people. The purpose is both to exploit its own projects and to represent foreign rights in the international market. In 2008, the Licensing Department was created, which is associated to Edebé Audiovisual, in order to represent and manage brand copyrights.


On the international field, in the mid-nineties, the Edebé group reached Latin America and created publishing companies in Argentina, Chile, and México. In recent years, its international presence has broadened with the department of sale of the rights of translation and publication throughout the five continents.