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Soy una nuez

Children's category: Soy una nuez, by Beatriz Osés

Omar is an orphan boy who has run away from a refugee’s centre. Chased by a group of spoiled boys, he hides on a walnut tree in the garden of Mdme. Rossana Marinetti, a lawyer with a compulsory attitude towards the exercise of Law, that has filed legal complaints against nearly every one of her neighbors for bothering her and she would always dressed in black and grey. But the moment Omar falls from the walnut tree and meets her, she begins to adopt another attitude towards life. He will show that life can be full of kindness and sensibility.

The story is told in the form of a courtroom procedural. A surrealistic and funny trail, in which the lawyer will use her good skills as a jurist to convince the judge Panatta that his defendant is a walnut. And, since he is a nut and in accordance with an old law that states that any nut which falls from a tree on a person’s property is also the property of that person, the boy “belongs” to her.

A botanist whose plants die, a dressmaker whose only grandson hates his creations and a shoemaker, expert in smells, will act as witnesses and defend that Omar is indeed a walnut, at all costs, in front of the astonishment and despair of the Judge who can hardly believe what is going on.

A story written with a fine and delicate sense of humor and nonsensical funny situations, to denounce an unfair legislative system in which it is easier to denounce a neighbor for any foolishness than to adopt a refugee boy.


Judge Bruno Panatta raised himself on his elbows and stared at him intently. “Who are you?”
The boy hardly dared to lift his eyes from the floor. “Nut,” he answered in a tiny voice.
“Excuse me?” asked the judge as he glowered at the child over the tops of his small, rounded glasses.
“I am a nut,” he answered more confidently, lifting his eyes toward the judge.
“It seems that you have not understood me,” warned the judge, starting to lose his patience. “I asked ‘who are you’.”
“Your Honor, if you would allow me,” interjected Ms. Marinetti, rising from her chair. “I believe that my client has understood and that he has answered your question.”
“Counsellor, don’t get smart with me,” the judge shot back as he brushed away a strand of his official white wig that had gone up his nose. “I am under no illusion that I am speaking with a nut.”The lawyer said nothing and sat down.
“What’s your name, son?” the judge asked the boy carefully.
“Nut,” he insisted.
The judge pounded his gavel as he yelled: “Has everyone gone crazy?”
“He is a nut,” called out Rossana Marinetti, ignoring the fury of the judge.
“And I’m a pistachio!” roared back the judge.

Beatriz Osés

Biographical Profile

Beatriz Osés (Madrid, 1972) is a language and literature teacher and has won different awards for innovative education and creative writing (young adult fiction and poetry)...