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Sé tortuga

Sé tortuga,
by Agustín Sánchez Aguilar

The rooster Casildo is desperate. He was once a famous singer, but a serious mistake took him away from the stage and now he is finished. His last chance to avoid ruin is to teach a group of old turtles, The Wonderful, to sing. They are retired and very old, but their optimism is indestructible. They want to win a musical contest to give the prize to a charitable cause... but everyone knows that turtles can't sing, can they?

The endearing characters that parade through this fun and wacky fable are very, very human animals, who through humor and comical situations actually convey a profound message about how selfless love heals our deepest wounds, as well as the importance of overcoming limiting beliefs and prejudices.

It is an invitation to a vital philosophy of "being a turtle", that is, to savor the moment, to enjoy the journey with altruism and generosity; to teach and learn.

A story so visual that it is like watching a fun musical while reading the play.



Casildo is impressed. In his years of success, he learnt that, when you are offended, you should seek revenge. But that's not how Mrs. Lennon handles herself. Very surprised, he asks her:

- Aren't you angry, Mrs. Lennon?
- Of course I am not. What's the use of being angry? Tell me, Mr. Casildo, what good has it done you to spend so many years being angry with the world?

Casildo remains thoughtful. Mrs. Lennon is right: he’s spent half your life angry with the world and it hasn't done him any good. Her words have made such an impression on him that he feels like giving her a hug. But he doesn't dare. Besides, it doesn't seem easy to hug a turtle...

Agustín Sánchez Aguilar

Biographical Profile

Agustín Sánchez Aguilar (Barcelona, 1971) is a doctor in Hispanic Philology and a specialist in the literature of the Golden Age. He has published more than twenty critical editions of classic works of Spanish literature, belonging to authors as diverse as ...