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XXVIII Edition Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

David Nel·lo & Luis Leante winners of 2020 edebe awards

David Nel·lo (Barcelona, 1959), with an original novel in Catalan, La crònica de l'Iu Eskar (The Chronicle of Stew Cockro), and Luis Leante (Caravaca de la Cruz, 1963), with the novel Maneras de vivir (Ways of living), were the winners of the 28th edebé Award for Children & Young-Adult Literature.

The exodus of an extended family of cockroaches, told by one of the youngest members of the family, is the main plot of The Chronicle of Stew Cockro. A fable, but in first person, where animals think and speak and feel the same way as humans, and like them are capable of the best and the worst. War, refugees, racism and xenophobia but also, hope, respect for difference and the value of friendship are explained by perfectly balancing drama and humor.

With Ways of living, Luis Leante explains one story through the interview of four completely different characters connected by music, destiny and the right of a second chance in life. A novel that talks about self-improvement, the ability to redeem and reinvent oneself and the value of family bonds. It is also a tribute to rock music and to those musicians who, with their lights and shadows, captivated young people. A story that links an old music legend who sank into the deepest with his child, a teenage son whom he'd never seen before.

Two very different stories, both showing a world of not always idyllic relationships, with conflicts, fears and prejudices, and that show that, despite the differences, to forgive and reach out to others is the best option to live on and be happy.