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XXVII Edition Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Maite Carranza & Elia Barceló winners of 2019 edebe awards

Safari (Safari) by Maite Carranza (Barcelona, 1958) and El efecto Frankenstein (Frankenstein impact) by Elia Barceló (Alicante, 1957), are the winners of this year children’s and Young-adult’s awards.

Two magnificent works, as their authors, two tributes to two great literature referents but, mainly, two novels that strive and claim for gender equality, women's freedom and social discrimination.

Using her wild unrealistic and successful sense of humor, Maite Carranza, writer and anthropologist, pays a tribute to one of her childhood heroes, Tarzan of the Apes, and invites us to learn from our intelligent ancestors, the primates, to become more human, fairer and humbler. Safari shows us how there are still social and professional barriers to be broken and the reader will end up joining Dani’s wish, even if he is a mute boy, to speak out loud and vindicate an unfair situation.

Elia Barceló, the so-called Spanish Noir Fiction Great Lady, with The Frankenstein Effect, not only does she pay tribute to Mary Shelley's book, but she also introduces us to a social and intellectual context where women had practically no presence at all, through the hand of a 21st century girl, a medicine student, who will end up travelling to the 18th century by accident and will have to live there facing the cultural clashes as well as the moral dilemmas of that time.

Both titles allow young readers to understand where we come from and where we are going to, but both also encourage them to keep fighting to create a more egalitarian, tolerant and ethical world. Such big subjects and major scopes can only be made possible when the mastery of such great big authors is put in force.