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XXVI Edition Edebé Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

Beatriz Osés & David Lozano winners of 2018 edebe awards

Beatriz Osés (Madrid, 1972), with a work named Soy una nuez (I am a Walnut), & David Lozano (Zaragoza, 1974), with the work, Desconocidos (Unkownable), were yesterday nominated as the brand new winners of the edebe Children & Young-Adult literature awards, respectively.

Both texts have in common the mastery of their writers to create smart stories that appeal to reader’s intelligence with entertainment.

Beatriz Osés, using a fine and delicate sense of humor and nonsense funny situations, introduce us, in Soy una nuez (I am a Walnut), a lawyer with a compulsory exercise of the law that will use her good skills as a jurist to stay with Omar, a refugee orphan child who has ended in her house by chance but that has conquered, not only her but also all the neighborhood, heart with his kindness and sensibility. According to an ancient law, all the nuts that fall into a land belong to the owner of the land. Our lawyer will manage to prove that Omar is a Walnut in the face of stupefaction and desperation of a Judge who cannot believe what is going on.

David Lozano in Desconocidos (Strangers), presents two plots that work in parallel as a clock making bomb. On one side, Lara & Gerard, that has met on a social network and faces their first in-person meeting with all the doubts and fears of fakes on Internet. And, on the other side, a police inspector that finds the corps of a presumed suicide with a picture of a certain Lara on the pocket. A love and mystery plot that drives the reader, who already knows something, is not good, through many different hypotheses along the story, none of them certain until the very end which it will make feel the same emotion of vulnerability than the characters themselves.