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Foreign Rights

3. El corazón del diablo


Author: Carlos Vila Sexto

ISBN: 978-84-683-4112-5

Pages: 340

Size: 14 × 21 cm. Paperback

PVP: 15,50 €

Collection The Traveller's Chronicles

3. El corazón del diablo


1798. That's the fate the Mirror of Tears has chosen for Miguel. A hundred kilometers from Pazo Quiroga, in front of the coasts of Cape Lazarus, the armies of Spain and France are trying to finish off the ruthless pirate Diablo. Only Miguel knows who's hiding under the pirate's mask. That's why he'll try to use that advantage to get to him and kill him, which will change the course of history. But the arrival of a ship heading for Rome changes everything. Because aboard it travels a man who needs to find something in that town before continuing its journey. And because the hold of that ship hides the answer to a mystery that won't start...
...until two centuries later.



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