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Foreign Rights

9. Un misterio muy magnético


Author: Antonio G. Iturbe

Illustrator: Alex Omist

ISBN: 978-84-683-0843-2

Pages: 40

Size: 15 x 19 cm Hardcover

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection The Cases of Inspector Cito

9. Un misterio muy magnético


A magnetic stone weighing a ton disappears without a trace from a Parisian scientific centre. It is the biggest magnet in the world and it has mysteriously disappeared. This is a case that only Inspector Cito and Wee Chou Fear are able to solve. Cito concludes that “something” must have attracted it, so the magnet flew out the window. Probably, a big piece of iron… but, wait a minute, what can be so huge to attract this big of a magnet?


Rights sold to: Korea, France, Arabic and Persian Language.