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Foreign Rights

A 7.500 kilómetros de distancia


Author: Núria Homs

Illustrator: Gustavo Roldán

ISBN: 978-84-683-2455-5

Pages: 32

Size: 20 x 21 cm Hardcover

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection My Favourite Tales of Blue Train

A 7.500 kilómetros de distancia



Both Asikh and Bartholome have a similar problem: the maharaja Asikh lives in a palace too big and Bartholomew lives in a very small house. When Asikh falls down the stairs and breaks his leg, he decides to give away the palace in exchange for a small apartment without stairs.


The New Delhi Maharaja, Asikh, was happier than ever before as the prime minister had just given him an elephant. Meanwhile, 7,500 kilometers away, in the city of Barcelona, Bartholome was also head over heels. A friend had given him a cardboard box with 20 silkworms.


Rights sold to China


Values: Family, respect to grownups, Tolerance, solidarity, Traditions and cultures

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