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A vella quenlla perde os dentes


Author: Xabier López López

Illustrator: Manuel Uhía

ISBN: 978-84-96352-25-4

Pages: 32

Size: 21 × 20 cm Hardcover

PVP: 9,95 €

Collection My Favourite Tales of Blue Train

A vella quenlla perde os dentes


In the deep sea, where hake, sardines and sea bass swimm happily, also lived a white shark, big as a whale, who was so old that couldn’t remember his age. One night, this old and bewildered shark got a stone mixed with a cupcake, so he broke his teeth! He wasn’t worried because he thought that sharks had spare teeth available but, since he had lost his memory, he didn’t remember that it wasn’t true. What could he do? A shark without teeth is like a car without wheels. He couldn’t scare anybody in the sea! So he couldn’t eat anything else and he got really thin.The octopus helped him building a denture teeth.


Rights sold to China

Values: Environmental education, Highway code education