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Cien palabras. Pequeño diccionario de autoridades


Author: Rosa Navarro Durán

Illustrator: Noemí Villamuza

ISBN: 978-84-683-0903-3

Pages: 104

Size: Softcover

PVP: 10,50 €

Collection Other titles 10+

Cien palabras. Pequeño diccionario de autoridades


On the occasion of the 3rd Centenary of the Founding of the Real Academia Española, the official institution responsible for regulating the Spanish language, and by the hand of Dr. Rosa Navarro, we offer the young reader a particular homage to the first dictionary published by the Academy between 1726 to 1739, called, Pequeño Diccionario de Autoridades (Little dictionary of Authorities). The particularity of this dictionary was that it contained, besides the definition of the words, literary quotes from very renowned Golden Century Spanish authors to illustrate the word usage. In the same way, Dr. Rosa Navarro has selected 100 beautiful words and has illustrated and reinforced them with a literary text from contemporary authors of Spanish and South American literature. A literary text that helps the reader to understand better each word’s meaning. The legacy of the Authorities’ dictionary is reborn updated and in a modern format, and complemented with the suggestive and magical illustrations of Noemí Villamuza. I offer a hundred words so you can make them yours, use them, give them wings so they can fly. But since I did not want to meet them just like that, I have added a literary text where you can see how a writer uses them. This way you will understand them better, you will see the nuances of her wings. These words are waiting for you to learn them and give them more partners. Prof. Rosa Navarro. At the end of the book there are activities and supplementary texts to work with this 100 words so the reader can embrace them easier! Answer key also available! The Spanish Royal Academy deputy director, José Antonio Pascual, explains in the prologue how the language must be trained and practiced to be more precise while speaking and writing. Only training and practicing the language, one can become a little authority on a language.

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