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Cómo sobrevivir antigua Roma


Author: El Fisgón Histórico

ISBN: 978-84-683-5649-5

Pages: 140

Size: 16 x 22 cm. Hardcover

PVP: 16,00 €

Collection Reference Books

Cómo sobrevivir antigua Roma


Bloodthirsty emperors, erupting volcanoes, games where you can lose your head... Are you sure you could survive in Ancient Rome?
The age of the Caesars is one of the most exciting times in history, but beware! It's not all about gladiators or relaxing in the baths -danger is around every corner!
Luckily, the Historical Snoop comes to your rescue. With this comprehensive survival guide, you'll learn all about the Romans and the threats of the time, and maybe, just maybe... you'll make it out of Ancient Rome in one piece!


If you think history is boring, it's because you don't know it!


Rights sold to Poland, France, China and Romania