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Foreign Rights

Detrás de las nubes


Author: Andreu Llinàs

Illustrator: Andreu Llinàs

ISBN: 978-84-683-4118-7

Pages: 32

Size: 20 x 21 cm Hardcover

PVP: 10,50 €

Collection My Favourite Tales of Blue Train

Detrás de las nubes



David and his mum are moving from the countryside to a big city. David doesn't know anyone there. As soon as he sees some kids playing, he approaches them. But he feels that everyone is looking at him as if they have seen a ghost. The reason is that behind him there is... a Giant! So tall, that his head was behind the clouds. And then, all of them panic: the kids, the people in the street, the cars... what chaos!!!

Values: Friendship, love, Highway code education, Family, respect to grownups, Tolerance, solidarity