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Foreign Rights

El Bosque de los Números


Author: Carlo Frabetti

Illustrator: Oriol Malet

ISBN: 978-84-683-0731-2

Pages: 136

Size: Paperback

PVP: 10,35 €

Collection Red Tucan

El Bosque de los Números


The young knight Ausencio is madly in love with Princess Aurea, but he can only get her hand if he can steal from the magician Guarismundo his greatest secret: the greatest prime number known in the whole kingdom. To find this number, he must overcome the tests and traps that Guarismundo himself has put in his way; but the young knight is capable of fighting the fiercest dragon and yet he can do nothing against numbers and mathematics. Fortunately, the dwarf Ulrico will show him that he is very wrong and Ausencio will see that he knows more than he thinks. He will set out on a quest for the prime number with reason as his sword in order to win his beloved's hand in marriage.

Values: Friendship, love, Moral and civil education, Education for the equality of opportunity for both sexes, Education for peace