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Foreign Rights

El columpio de Madame Brochet


Author: Beatriz Osés

Illustrator: Emilio Urberuaga

ISBN: 978-84-683-2998-7

Pages: 136

Size: 13 x 19.5 Paperback

PVP: 10,95 €

Collection Orange Tucan

El columpio de Madame Brochet


A tale about second chances, the need to put ourselves in someone else's place in order to understand, and the possibility to start again. Madame Brochet is about to turn 90 years old. Every year, she asks the same wish whilst blowing out the candles of her cake: to be a little girl again. That day she decides to play on the old swing in the garden, she could not have imagined what was going to happen. Her only problem is that the mischievous Gilbert Roux has discovered her new secret…


Rights sold to Mexico & Turkey

Values: Friendship, love, Moral and civil education, Family, respect to grownups, Tolerance, solidarity