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El gorrión que quería darse un atracón


Author: Xoán Babarro

Illustrator: Isabel Caruncho

ISBN: 978-84-683-4373-0

Pages: 56

Size: 13 x 19.5 cm Paperback

PVP: 9,50 €

Collection Blue Tucan

El gorrión que quería darse un atracón


This is the story of a sparrow that was fed only with crumbs from sandwiches or the bread from the floor of the bakery and with bits of rice found at the doors of the town hall after weddings.

Until the day he said to himself… “I’m tired of vegetarian food! I’ll change my diet next week!” and as clever as it is, the sparrow organises a party and starts inviting insects. Every insect that came to the nest, ended up stuck to the nest: a dragonfly, a ladybug, a firebug, a beetle, a firefly, a weevil, a moth, a spider, a tick, a bee...


What a great feast was awaiting our little sparrow, but his gluttony has no stop thus it invites a processionary caterpillar to join the party too. The problem is porcessionary never go alone. The nest could not resist the weight of all the caterpillars and fall down the tree, releasing all the tied insects free.


It seems our clever sparrow will have to stay vegetarian at least for another day!


Rights sold to Mexico

Values: Environmental education, Education for correct consumer