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Foreign Rights

El libro del miedo


Author: David Cirici

Illustrator: Manuel Ortega

ISBN: 978-84-683-5046-2

Pages: 152

Size: 13 × 20 cm. Paperback

PVP: 10,20 €

Collection Green Tucan

El libro del miedo


Martin was not a fearful child. However, lately he was afraid, and he didn't know exactly what he was afraid of. Well, yes, he had been afraid since the day the warning alarms started ringing. He thought of his father, who had gone to war. He had heard about the trenches, the mud and the wounded. How the bullets whistled. The metallic noise of the tanks. The roar of the planes. He felts like seeking his mother's protection. He would confess  her that he was afraid. But he didn't. And it was when he starts seeing those mysterious creatures stalking him: the Bolics.

Values: Moral and civil education, Education for peace

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