Grupo Edebé

Foreign Rights

El payaso


Author: Pepe Maestro

Illustrator: Claudia Ranucci

ISBN: 978-84-683-6292-2

Pages: 32

Size: 15 x 19 cm Hardcover

PVP: 11,95 €

Collection The Dreaming Lamp

El payaso


Today at Liria's house there has been a water leak, what a chaos! And how distressing her parents are. When Liria goes to bed, she chooses the clown to travel to dreamland. He will take her on a trip with his helium balloons to a circus where the audience cries without knowing why, filling the main arena with water. Luckily, the clown's coat is full of objects that will make the audience laugh.

Values: Friendship, love, Environmental education, Moral and civil education, Tolerance, solidarity



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