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El secreto de las patatas fritas


Author: María Rosal

Illustrator: Noemí Villamuza

ISBN: 978-84-683-4804-9

Pages: 156

Size: Paperback

PVP: 10,95 €

Collection Green Tucan

El secreto de las patatas fritas


Nothing unusual had ever happened to Isaac, until last year a very unusual thing shook his life. His and his family’s. It was exactly the afternoon of the 3rd of May, when he was peacefully savoring a nice bag of crisps. He’d taken one out, licked it to savor the taste of salt, and then put it in his mouth. Suddenly he noticed something strange. It was as if someone had put a piece of battered steak or, better yet, a sample of steak in the bag. And when he spit out that strange object over the sink, horror started.

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