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Foreign Rights

El último sordo


Author: Roberto Santiago

Illustrator: Santiago García-Clairac

ISBN: 978-84-236-9790-8

Pages: 128

Size: 13 x 19.5 cm Paperback

PVP: 10,20 €

Collection Green Tucan

El último sordo


Claudio has a special way of seeing the world. Or maybe doesn’t. He might just be a kind boy who notices things that happen around him… For example, his relationship with his dad. Are adults deaf or does it just seem like they are? Sometimes children have to do sport because their parents want them to. This is what happens to the main character of this lovely book, a young boy who resists, without success, to do judo.


“The colloquial language used by the author, trying to replicate how kids talk, the rendering of their concerns and the adolescent first love is amusing and makes the book to be read with a smile.” Club Kiriko

Values: Family, respect to grownups, Tolerance, solidarity