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Fábulas contadas a los niños (escolar)


Author: Rosa Navarro Durán

Illustrator: Francesc Rovira

ISBN: 978-84-683-0879-1

Pages: 208

Size: 15.5 x 20 cm Paperback

PVP: 14,00 €

Collection Classics Told to Children

Fábulas contadas a los niños (escolar)


These fables are short stories about animals and people that can be useful to all of us. In them we hear the cunning fox talk and the vain crow sing, and we see who gets the cheese and how he gets it.
This book tells us what a deer thought when he saw himself in the mirror of the waters of a fountain, and what happened to the frogs that croaked and croaked for a king, and to a silly tortoise that wanted to fly like the eagle. But it also tells us how a little mouse was able to save the life of the mighty lion, and how a stork took revenge on the cunning fox, and how...
These little stories entertain and teach us. You will see how intelligence and wit are more important than strength, and you will learn that we must be very prudent and, above all, very generous.
But we are about to begin the story of the cicada who sang and sang in summer, while the ant worked and worked and worked?
These wonderful fables were written in verse by Félix María Samaniego, the great 18th century writer, who was born in Laguardia (Álava) in 1745 and died in 1801. He had read other authors of fables very well, such as the Latin writer Phaedrus, the French writer La Fontaine and the Englishman John Gay, and adapted some of their stories. He did it so well that, since the two volumes of his Fables were published in Spanish verse (1781, 1784), many people knew them by heart and told them, as you are going to do.


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