Grupo Edebé

Foreign Rights

Korazón de Pararrayos


Author: Andreu Sotorra

Illustrator: Nuria Giralt

ISBN: 84-236-7562-9

Pages: 112

Size: 13 x 19.5 cm Paperback

PVP: 10,35 €

Collection Red Tucan

Korazón de Pararrayos

Premio Edebé de Literatura Infantil 2003


Little Yung, an eleven year old Chinese girl, tells us a bit of her story. What can you call an older brother who gives up his home and his warm bed, who prefers to live in the mountains with wild boars and dropouts, in an abandoned leper colony and who ends up on TV, hanging from a lightning rod as if he was a stork making its nest? When I was eleven years old, my brother was a squatter.


Rights sold to Venezuela

Values: Friendship, love, Tolerance, solidarity