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Operación Primavera


Author: Caty Guzmán Rodrigo

Illustrator: Jordi Sunyer Monfort

ISBN: 978-84-683-5540-5

Pages: 36

Size: 18 x 22,5 cm. Hardcover

PVP: 12,00 €

Collection Mane and the Magic Clock

Operación Primavera


Spring revolution is the first title in the collection, and is related to the importance of preserving the planet. Mane, a curious and imaginative girl like any other, finds a pocket watch that has 17 numbers instead of 12, and only one hand that incessantly dials five numbers. Images of a beautiful, living planet appear from the watch. Mane, her brother and her inseparable friend have in the watch the perfect guide to change the world.


Rights sold to Arabic language




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