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PIN-8 quiere tener amigos


Author: Álvaro Colomer

Illustrator: Alex Omist

ISBN: 978-84-683-4886-5

Pages: 44

Size: 15 x 19 cm. Hardcover

PVP: 12,00 €

Collection Pin-0 Ki-0

PIN-8 quiere tener amigos


PIN-0 KI-0 is bored. Doctor Stein is busy and the other robots of the house do not want to play with him. In the garden, PIN-0 KI-0 sees some children playing at the other side of the fence, and disobeying his father, PIN-0 KI-0 dares to go out.

Will PIN-0 KI-0 be able to control its gadgets and play a football game with his new friends?


Rights sold to Persian language and Audiobook

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