Grupo Edebé

Foreign Rights

¿Quieres ser el novio de mi hermana?


Author: Maite Carranza

Illustrator: Jordi Sempere

ISBN: 978-84-236-6216-6

Pages: 144

Size: 13 x 19.5 cm Paperback

PVP: 10,95 €

Collection Red Tucan

¿Quieres ser el novio de mi hermana?

Premio Edebé de Literatura Infantil 2002


“My name is Alice and I have a problem named Sonia. Sonia is my sister and she has hassled me since I was born. She has been harassing me, day and night, for eleven years, but they do not put her in prison because she is a minor and they can not prosecute her, like they did with Nazis, for torturing innocent people. And, moreover, according to my parents, everything is very normal, because it turns out that Sonia is a teenager and it seems that this justifies everything.“


Rights sold to China, Korea, Ecuador, Mexico and audiobook

Values: Friendship, love, Education for the equality of opportunity for both sexes, Family, respect to grownups

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