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Carlos Salem

Carlos Salem Sola was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He has lived in Spain since 1988. At the age of 30 he decided to become a full-time journalist, after many years combining this job with many other occupations: he worked as waiter, a taxi driver, a bookseller, a hall porter in a hotel and an advertising creator, among other activities. Once he settled in Spain, his experience in journalism earned him a job to run newspapers in Ceuta, Melilla and Murcia and he collaborated with several Spanish media. He did not publish his literary works until the year 2007, and although it was not so long ago he has already published four novels, one of which has achieved a reknown award Valencia Negra, two collections of short stories and three collections of poems since then. Some of his works have been translated into French and German. He also directs Workshops on Writing.