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Caty Guzmán Rodrigo

With a degree in Philosophy and Arts, Caty Guzmán Rodrigo is passionate about literature, art and cinema. For her, writing has always been a vocation and has characterised her whole life. In her youth she was already a member of the Asociación de Jóvenes Escritores de España y Latinoamérica, where she published several poems in their magazines. As a writer, she published some books for Editorial Océano such as Mis Amigos los Animales and Masajes para ti y tu bebé and, later, she started the collection of children's stories by Alma y Raspita, in which she is still actively involved. As an editor she collaborated in magazines such as Mataró Escrit and took part in the launch of Homeopatía viva. After training in advertising and marketing, she worked in various advertising agencies as a copywriter and creative director. And thanks to her entrepreneurial nature, she created her own agency, to be able to contribute her creative restlessness to numerous advertising campaigns and projects that, today, have her most social and innovative vision.