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César Mallorquí

Cesar Mallorquí (Barcelona, 1953) given the profession of his father, José Mallorquí, the creator of "El Coyote", his love for literature was born at a young age and he soon published his first tale in a magazine. Later, he studied journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid and worked in La Codorniz and for the radio station cadena SER. He has been awarded many prizes for his work including The wall of ice (Alberto Magno Prize 1992), The stamp collector (UPC Prize 1995), The house of Doctor Pétalo (Gigamesh Prize 1996), Mr Luna’s last job (EDEBÉ Prize 1996), The cathedral (Gran Angular 2001), The cross of El Dorado (EDEBÉ Prize 1999), Shiva’s tears (EDEBÉ Prize 2002), The parasite strategy (White Raven 2013), and Bowen’s island (Ibby Honor list and Spanish National Children and Young Adult Award, 2013). In 2015 his prolific career was recognized with the Cervantes Chico Award.


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