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Jesús Cañadas

Jesús Cañadas was born in 1980 in Cadiz, Spain. His short stories have been published in genre magazines, such as Asimov, Miasma and Aurora, and were included in the anthologies Visiones 2008, The Best of Spanish Steam punk, Charco Negro and Presencia Humana. In 2011, he published his first novel that was shortlisted for the Scifiworld Award in 2011. The Penguin Random House Group spotted him in 2013, publishing his second novel Los nombres muertos, later shortlisted for the Celsius Award of Genre Fiction. Since then, he has been labeled as one of the most outstanding genre writers in Spain, publishing, in 2017, his most literary book to date, Las tres muertes de Fermín Salvochea (The three Deaths of Fermín Salvochea). In 2015, Valdemar published his novel Pronto será de noche, a tribute to his masters Julio Cortázar and Stephen King. He lives in Berlin where he combines his literary work with screenwriting for Spanish TV.