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Lola Gándara

Lola Gándara Celanova, Ourense, 1942. Holds a degree in Law and in Hispanic Philology. Teacher. She collaborated as a scriptwriter in different television programs. She published the novel Magog Premio Manuel García Barros 1997. In the children’s and young adults’ category she published: Os Mornias, Prize Merlín 1992; Conxurados, second prize in the Prize Barco de Vapor 1993; Brumas de Octubre Prize Great Angular 1994; Alexandra (1999); A escura luz do Tiber (2000). As a theatrical author she obtained the 1993 Camiño of Santiago Prize with the work Nocturno de dragón with Bruno Bernardo, and the 1994 Camiño de Santiago Professional Theatre Prize with Ultreias.