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María M. Vassart

Born in Pamplona (Spain), she is an educator, speech therapist, psychotherapist, psychomotor therapist and yoga teacher. Over the years, her training has been completing a range of knowledge and valuable tools for her work in the field of children's education with emotional and learning difficulties.

She lived in Madrid, where she began her career as a writer, combining it with her teaching activities, as well as writing articles and literary criticism for newspapers and magazines such as "El Mundo" and "Ser Padres".

She currently lives in Pamplona where she continues to combine her love of writing with her teaching activity in a school, working in a special classroom for children on the autistic spectrum.

She is also the author of other works for children and young adults such as "El libro de la vida, el libro de la otra vida", a story to explain birth and death to children; "Esto no es lo mío", a novel about the world of dance; as well as an essay, "La agresividad de nuestros hijos", aimed at parents on the educational value of example and the expression of emotions.