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Sofia Rhei y Susana Vallejo

Sofía Rhei (Madrid, 1978) is a writer of speculative genres and experimental poetry. She collects seeds and Lego pieces. She writes for children (El joven Moriarty, Olivia Shakespeare, Cómo tener ideas), for young adults (Flores de Sombra, La calle Andersen), and for adults (Róndola, Espérame en la última página, El bosque profundo, Alicia Volátil). She has received the Javier Egea, Celsius, Spirit of Dedication and DwarfStars awards, the Mention of the Bando del Libro of Venezuela and has been included in the White Ravens catalogue.

Susana Vallejo (Madrid, 1968) is a writer, with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, and an expert in Communication. In 2007 she was a finalist for the Jaén Award with the fantasy saga "Porta Coeli" and then for the International Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature Award from Minotauro Publishing in 2008 with "Switch in the red". In 2011 she won the Edebé Award for Youth Adult Literature with "El espíritu del último verano" and since then she has published "Madre de Dragones" (Timun Mas), "El móvil que guardaba en su interior el secreto de la chica de la camisa naranja" (Ediciones B), "Calle Berlín, 109" (Plaza &Janés) and children's books such as "Entre Dimensiones" or the saga "El misterio de Arlene, Tres Amigos y un fantasma".