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Maria Espluga

Maria Espluga (Barcelona, 1968) is a full creator. She studied graphic design at Escola Massana & Escola Elisava. She has illustrated more than 100 books, fictions, stories and textbooks. She is also author of four of these books and a series. Her first novel as a writer, won the 2010 Barcanova Prize for children’s literature. She regularly illustrates for more than a dozen of publishers and for the magazines Cavall Fort, El Tatano and Pomme d’api, among others. Maria has also created TV storyboards, song lyrics, posters, postcards, as well as designing costumes, puppets and theatre sets. With Carme Soler Vendrell, she has written, directed and designed the sets and costumes for the theatre play El tub, o tot és relatiu però les coses són com són, 2012. She has also written the storyboard of the motion picture Rateta, rateta directed by Francesc Bellmunt (1991) and collaborated in several collective exhibitions.