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El síndrome de Bergerac (Una comedia heroica),
by Pablo Gutiérrez

Velia is a teenager a bit self-absorbed who takes refuge on books (especially, Harry Potter saga). She feels overwhelmed by having to decide what to study among other increasingly adult life decisions. The alternative methods of Lupe, the teacher of a minority optional subject, Universal literature, will lead her and the group, almost without realizing it, to stage an adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac, a theatre play that will become a breaking point in every group member’s life forever.

With a tension that grows as the premier approaches, the work shows how the struggle to go ahead with the staging connects and gives sense to a group of nine teenagers, without previous connection, and how it leads them to face problems, analyze them and overcome them. Together they will live adventures, overcome fears, betrayals, first kisses and toxic relationships… among others. At the time that they will discover great literature, classic works, the magic of theatre, and above all, the ability of words to create realities.

It’s a heroic comedy, as his subtitle indicates, for the liberating and bounding force of a theatre play and its curative power, in that very complex adolescence period in which identity stands out. As Federico Garcia Lorca said “Theatre is the school of tears and laughter, and the best tool to build a country”.

Based on an author’s real experience, the story vindicates an optimistic image of teenagers. As Guadalupe (Lupe) says in the work “Theatre is a sequence of obstacles that implacably leads us to disaster but that always ends well.”


Originally written in Spanish for readers 14+ years old

To be published in March 2021

The Jury’s words:

Selected with unanimously, the jury pointed out that “it is a master class of literature and drama that encourage putting a play on stage. They praised the humor in it and references to such well-known books such as Cyrano de Bergerac, Salinger, Shakespeare or the Harry Potter saga. It is a clear tribute to literature”.


«I was a simple girl, as common as any other one. I used to go to school, discuss with my parents, love my friends unconditionally and fall in love, now and then, with someone wholly inappropriate, as everybody does. There was nothing special in me, nothing fictional or heroic who deserves a bunch of pages and that is why this story is not about my parents, colleagues or lovers, nor about a high school student who becomes bored at school… This story has only one main character and this character is a nose.
And I am not talking about my small ordinary nose but one giant nose which we could call THE NOSE.
A disproportionately famous nose.
A nose like a hypotenuse, a nose like a space shuttle, like a sailboat mast.
A nose that could taste water temperature by tilting your head slightly but which would not let you drink from a glass for the risk of drowning.”