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Young Adult's category: Desconocidos, by David Lozano

Strangers present two apparently different plots that develop in parallel as a time bomb.

On one side, Lara & Gerard, who have been chatting through a social network face their first in-person meeting, a blind date, with all their doubts and fears of fakes on Internet. Up till that moment they have shared their dreams, hopes and fears but not their identity. Lara is 17 years old and has just come out from a toxic relation. Gerard is a 19-year-old handsome university young man but very shy who, sick of relationships only based on physical attraction, decides to seduce a girl who has never seen him before.

And, on the other side, a police inspector who finds the corps of a presumed suicide victim with a picture of a girl named Lara in his pocket and a lot of small broken glass around as well as other evidences that need to be studied. The inspector will have to hurry to decipher the enigma, as he feels Lara’s life is in danger.

A love and mystery plot that drives the reader, who already knows something is definitely wrong, through many different hypotheses along the story, experiencing the same doubts and fears as the characters themselves and feeling exactly the same emotion of vulnerability as they do, which leads to a deep involvement with the plot.


McDonald’s at Sants Train Station in Barcelona, June 30th, 8:20 PM

“Strangers,” Lara thought as she looked at her reflection in the screen of her mobile phone. “We’re two strangers.” Two strangers who nevertheless had decided to meet each other that night in a place so utterly un-exotic as the McDonald’s at Sants Station. A no-man’s land, because nobody hangs out in train stations. Their paths cross there, just like Wilde had said before suggesting this place to meet. “Places that become vacant by nighttime,” he had concluded before sending one last message in the form of the three dots of an ellipsis. An invitation that nobody could refuse. Lara felt increasing trapped by the attraction she felt for this boy, by his mysteriousness. “He’s smart. He knows I would never have accepted to meet in a more out-of-the-way place before getting to know him.” She had to admit, also, that not everyone is capable of making a date at a McDonald’s sound romantic, not even one like this, with the styling this one had. Yes, Wilde is smart. Lara asked herself, on the other hand, what were the chances that a guy so interesting, so well-read, so “with it”… could also be good-looking and not be gay. “Enough for me to find out.” She had just said this out loud. Sitting alone. Fortunately, no one nearby seemed to have noticed. The problem with places like this, Lara complained in silence, was that everyone becomes invisible. Even more so in a train station. Here people pay more attention to their luggage than to the people. Even so, Lara felt she was being watched. Her eyes met those of some teenager boys sitting nearby, but they made no sign of recognizing her. Could Wilde be one of them? Among so many strangers of so many different races, ages, and looks it is impossible to stand out, and now she felt unable to pick out anyone who could possibly resemble the idea she had developed, after so many hours of messages and chats, about her virtual friend.

David Lozano

Biographical Profile

David Lozano (Zaragoza, 1974), Bachelor in Law, Master in Communication and with studies in Philology, has worked as a lawyer and currently combines writing and teaching with his work...